Who are / what is MATURE MISCHIEF?


Hello, we are Vin & Paul we create, organise and host parties for people who enjoy the alternative lifestyle scene. Having been involved in this lifestyle for over 15 years and now in our early 50’s we find ourselves more comfortable in this environment around people of our own age group, as do many others of a similar age to ourselves.

When looking for our perfect night out at our favourite swingers clubs we found that there weren’t really any parties specifically catering for our age group. For this very reason we decided to create a party event that we ourselves would love to attend, this party is now known as ‘Mature Mischief’.


Mature Mischief is a midweek lifestyle party specifically for those aged 40 and over. Held on the first Wednesday of the month it is now considered to be one of the most popular midweek UK swingers club parties on the scene with over 100 people regularly attending.

Our parties are held at Liberty Elite Private Members Club in the heart of the Midlands. With its luxurious features, decor and licenced bar this upmarket private members club is the perfect venue for our parties.

The evening always starts in the social area, this is a ‘no play’ area and is just like being in a smart wine bar. We tend to attract very sociable and friendly people so the party is perfect for people from the curious, to beginners, to the seasoned lifestylers.

Later in the evening as the atmosphere becomes more sexually-charged. Those wishing to can explore their fantasies in the numerous luxurious play area’s within the club, however there is never any pressure to ‘play’, you are in total control of what you do and when you want to do it.

We are very lucky to have a great party atmosphere with Mature Mischief. The difference between our parties and that of others is not much, as those running the parties have the same policies to have fun and make it as enjoyable for all that attend. The biggest point of difference we can offer and proud to say is we never ever ever discriminate on looks, we believe everybody is beautiful in their own way, and just because somebody maybe a little larger than somebody else or taller or shorter makes no difference.

Our parties are attended by people from all walks of life and some travel quite a distance to come along which does surprise us considering it’s a midweek party. The club has 12 on-site private hotel rooms for those wishing to stay over, but please book early enough as they sell out fast.

So …. why not come along and join the party, socialise and be naughty, listen and dance to music from the 80’s & 90’s, chill out in the hot tub, enjoy some erotic fun in the luxurious playrooms with other like-minded mischievous people.

If you are undecided about coming along to Mature Mischief then take a look at the testimonials we have been given. The proof is in the pudding, the feedback we get about this evening of naughty mischief and the number of people returning is very satisfying.

Dates of our upcoming events can be found on our Events page.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Also find us on Fabswingers.

Kind regards
Vin (Mature) & Paul (Mischief)


s*********1 (59), Woman on 6 March 2020

Well I’ve been to liberty elite before, but this was my very first time at a Mature Mischief party, and what a fabulous party it was, full of sexy confident outgoing people that were there to thoroughly enjoy themselves, the Mr & Mrs competition was a real ice breaker with my partner in crime being stripped naked for a tie breaker, he will wear velcro shoes in the future. Thank you to all the guests and hosts that made it a place I would love to visit again xxxx

M*****. (52), Man on 6 March 2020

It was my first time but not my last to Mature Mischief. For myself the event catering for the Mature clientele is excellent regarding everybody came to have fun with no inhibition. And for the hosts, great guys and very attentive to your needs. They blended in as if they were patrons of the club, and that cannot be often said of event host. Once again thanks to you both, and I will be back, with slip on shoes next time lol, M.M

j*******t (52), Couple on 5 March 2020

Yet again a lovely evening at Liberty Elite. Vin and Paul put so much effort into the evening along with their team at Libs. Playing the Mr and Mrs game was so much fun, but who’d of thought we would win !! Looking forward to the April MM so much. If you get chance to go it’s a must!! D and F.xx

N***************2 (40), Couple on 5 March 2020

Its the second time we have been to a Mature Mischief evening and we have loved every minute. Being a popular event the plethora of sexiness fills air and definitely sets the mood perfectly. We plan to be regulars at our naughty mid week secret 😉 xx

S************2 (46), Couple on 5 March 2020

Another exceptional evening out on by this amazing couple. So warm and friendly on arrival.. and invite the best people to their parties.. Thank you so much guys, your just awesome xx may it continue for many many more years x x Mrs A & J x x

D**********n (52), Couple on 5 March 2020

What an enjoyable night it was at Mature Mischief event at Liberty Elite club. Well organised and good mix of very nice people. Thank you so much for making us feel welcome. A night not to be missed. A&C.xxx

k*************n (41), Woman on 5 March 2020

Another fantastic Mature Mischief evening credit to Vin and Paul. Such a great atmosphere, lovely sexy people and I can’t wait for April!! Xxx

S****************s (37), Couple on 5 March 2020

Attended our first mature mischief agent at liberty’s and had a great time excellent venue well organised and relaxed, roll on the next one!

T*********r (53), Man on 5 March 2020

Another fabulous evening in the fantastic company of Paul and Vin. Fabulous people and always fabulous guests too! One of the best events you’ll find anywhere I’ll wager and finding myself looking forward to the next one the morning after the previous one – says it all really! Thanks both! X

p************c (50), Woman on 5 March 2020

What a wonderful couple and wonderful Mature Mischief event last night. You hosted this so well and as a single, you made this blondie feel very welcome. I may be new to the scene but I found delightful, very naughty people at your party who I hope to ‘continue’ fun play with in more intimate ways next time. Thank you ..

P*** *****r (60), Couple on 9 February 2020

Mature Mischief has got to be one the best ( if not THE best ) club nights currently running in the UK. Our second visit last week was even better than the first ! Libs is a very good club anyway, but the crowd who attend MM really make it something special. Very social in the bar areas early on, but then everyone going off to play, well it seemed like the whole club did . Wow !!

C*****s (51), Couple on 8 February 2020

If Carlsberg did swinging club events they would be nowhere near as good as the ones organised by Vin & Paul. Thanks both, and to all those who attended, for helping create yet another fantastic night.

w***********y (51), Couple on 7 February 2020

We always knew Mature Mischief would be just right for us – work got in the way for the last year – but the reality totally exceeded our expectations. A classy night, with dozens of up-for-it mature couples – not sure we met any of the singles – all seemingly determined to make the most of the party. We loved the venue too – it was also a first visit for us to the famous Libs. We could only scratch the surface in terms of getting to know all the like-minded potential playmates, but we made a valiant start! Already planning for next month … think we are going to be regulars!!

M*********a (56), Woman on 7 February 2020

So glad to have finally caught up with my favourite hosts at my favourite party. As usual Mature Mischief was so much fun. The bar area was packed with friendly, sociable and sexy people – and there wasn’t an inch spare on the big bed later! Thanks Vin and Paul for a fantastic evening xx

f*** ****s (55), Couple on 7 February 2020

Our first time at the mature mischief event, we were given a lovely warm welcome, a guided tour and a red rose! The club was buzzing with sexy people all over, a full house. We met some fabulous people and had fun upstairs and down, thank you for hosting such a great event , until next time xx

C*****2 (51), Couple on 6 February 2020

Had a great night at Mature Mischief last night, fantastic hosts it was a pleasure chatting to you both outside. D & M xx

s*************y (53), Couple on 6 February 2020

Wow a Fantastic night, and the busiest we have ever seen the club with well over 80 couples, Paul & Vin welcoming everyone giving out a goody bag and a red rose for the ladies. They really are great hosts and make everyone feel welcome. Was a great atmosphere, theme was Red party, lots sexy ladies in their red dresses and lingerie, we had a great night lots sexy naughty fun I Jacuzzi and big playroom. Looking forward to next moth. Well done Paul & Vin, you certainly know how to host a party. M**k & I****l xxx

A*******2 (57), Couple on 6 February 2020

Yet another awesome well organised and executed party, the focus is simple “Guest enjoyment” if Carlsberg do parties …. Thank you A***e / T**y

g****n (53), Woman on 6 February 2020

Love this event, not been for ages and this one was very busy..had a lovely evening and looking forward to next time x

k*************n (40), Woman on 6 February 2020

Thank you both for an amazing night and also for encouraging me to pop my unicorn cherry!! Brilliant atmosphere, lovely people and thank you for my goodie bag too xxx

J****s… (51), Couple on 4 December 2019

Another fantastic night – great vibe again this month too – really good… hosts looking very sexy – hubby appreciated the dress sexy lady… Paul as ever looking dapper… Spoke to some lovely people in the flesh too – nice to put faces and bodies to the chats from Fab… hope to see them all again next time xx Thanks again for all your hard work & effort – it really is a great evening xxx Already looking forward to the next one it just gets better!!!

B*******8 (41), Man on 4 December 2019

It’s hard sometimes to put into words just how good this event is without sounding like a simpering fool. The effort and attention to that P&V go to, the guests they invite and the venue are, all, incredible. It is, honestly, the best midweek night in the swinging calendar, possibly one of the best overall. Last night in particular was the perfect way to round off the year. Elvis was brilliant and I can’t wait to see you all again in February!! Thank you. Elvis has left the building.

P************9 (55), Couple on 4 December 2019

So wonderful to get back into the swing of things at Mature Mischief’s “Elvis” night. Vin and Paul always put together a brilliant evening and we are never disappointed. As the King would say… “Thank you very much, Uh Huh!!” See you again soon. K&A

s**********x (40), Man on 4 December 2019

What can I say? The perfect hosts! Well organised and great fun. I had a really good chat with Paul and Vin who gave me some sound advice. As a single guy, if you are privileged enough to be given the opportunity to attend one of their events then do not pass it up. Xx

s*************y (53), Couple on 4 December 2019

Wow what a night, attended the Elvis tribute night, Vin looked Stunning in her sexy very low cut dress & Paul as always very handsome, was great to have a dance with Vin. They are such a lovely friendly couple and really know how to host an event and get the evening Swinging. Looking forward to next one.

S**********s (40), Couple on 4 December 2019

Attended last night’s Mature Mischief once again, this time Elvis was in the building and wow what a show !! Thank you Paul & Vin to put your heart n soul on these events giving us always a very warm welcome to Libs. Lots of Sexy people, laughter and fun around, a brilliant night !!

E*****C (53), Woman on 4 December 2019

Hard to add anything more than has already been said BUT as a SF attending, and being a very nervous newbie, this is the only event I would consider. The reason being these two wonderful people are so generous with their efforts to make it friendly, welcoming and relaxed. Thank you both x

E**** ******* K (52), Woman on 4 December 2019

Had a fantastic night last night at Mature Mischief. Everybody was so lovely and welcoming. Its definitely something I’d like to attend again and these guys just do an amazing job. Thank you for having me.

l**********s (48), Couple on 7 November 2019

Another brilliant night at Libs, we can’t say enough great things about your energy and appreciate how you don’t compromise on quality! We’ve come to look forward to the first Wednesday of the month more than any other swinging event and have already booked for 4th December plus bonus my birthday is 5th February so that’s my party sorted! Thanks again Vin & Paul xx

D********e (58), Man on 7 November 2019

Mature Mischief just has to be one of the best nights and venues anywhere. Vin and Paul set it up so well, make everyone so welcome and provide an environment where everyone has an absolute ball! Attended again with my gorgeous Sweetits69 and had a fabulous evening with some great couples, a pleasant surprise to meet one or two at breakfast nearby too! Is Elvis in the building yet?

i********************e (49), Couple on 7 November 2019

Attended Liberty Elite for the 1st time for the mature mischief night hosted by Vin and Paul. Fantastic evening. The club is very nice, modern, great facilities and very clean. The staff were helpful all evening. Bar area has a nice seating area. Spa area has numerous beds for 1 on 1 play or group play and private rooms upstairs. Our favourite room was the swing room, couldn’t wait to try out, and returned back later in the evening for more fun. We will be joining this club when we visit next, that will be very soon.

s*************y (53), Couple on 7 November 2019

Another fantastic night at Liberty Elite, Mature Mischief is definitely one of the best nights, so busy, lots sexy couples having lots fun in Jacuzzi and in big playroom. As usual Paul & Vin making everyone welcome. Looking forward to next months, if you haven’t been to this night before then your missing a great night.

e**********o (61), Couple on 7 November 2019

Congratulations, once again Mature Mischief have conjured up, mid-week, a club full of Mature deviants determined to have a great time. Yet another great night. Its great to see all your hard work paying off.

W********a (53), Man on 7 November 2019

Newbies to this club night. Absolutely fab! Great atmosphere, lovely bunch of people and some of the best fun I’ve had in ages! Attended with a friend and she loved it too, we’ll be back! Thanks for the effort put into making this a great evening, your hard work pays off!

s**** ******s (40), Woman on 7 November 2019

Another fantastic mischief night!! Thank you for all of your hard work Vin and Paul for putting so much sincere effort into every event. It makes all the difference…see you for Elvis!! Cant wait xx

M***************g (50), Couple on 7 November 2019

Thank you so much for a thoroughly enjoyable evening, what a great bunch of people all in one place! With such a warm welcome in a lovely venue filled with gorgeous people having a great time, we were guaranteed to have a great night…and indeed we did! We’ll definitely be seeing you guys again next month, thank you once again for for all the time and effort you put in to create such a great event. V & P xx

t*******t (63), Man on 7 November 2019

I had the great privilege of being invited to the Mature Mischief party at Liberty Elite as a single gentlemen last night. And what a privilege it was!! From the welcome at reception, the warm greeting from Vin and Paul, the wonderful bar staff and a great mix of guests who were, attractive, eloquent and very sexy!! May you go from strength to strength. You deserve it for all your hard work and attention to details. Love you guys.

l**********s (48), Couple on 3 October 2019

Another fabulous night at Libs. So many people so little time. Enjoyed catching up with friends and chatted to many new people. Great to see people dancing, well done J & M for kicking it off! Thanks Vin & Paul for everything you do, these are the best party nights we’ve ever attended. See you in November xx

P************e (49), Couple on 3 October 2019

Another total top nights entertainment hosted by P & V, this time sporting some rather fetching “Willy Wanker” outfits and surrounded by sweets. Still easily the best night on the Libs monthly calendar and we are already looking forward to next months instalment. Thanks so much for all your hard work and stay sexy you glorious pair, cheers! J & L xXx.

P****** *******s (40), Couple on 3 October 2019

We highly recommend that if you’re umming and ahhing about going to Mature Mischief you pack it in, give yourself a stern talking to and get along there. These nights are by far the best nights we have ever been to (we’ve been to quite a few too!) and they just get better and better. Firstly with this pair hosting you can be assured that nothing is left to chance, they plan the evening with only one thing in mind and that’s the guests enjoyment. The club is a perfect venue but in fairness it’s the people that Vin & Paul attract as guests that make these nights so special. We will most certainly be back again…and again….and again. Thank you both for ALL that you do. S & J xXx